Monday, 17 October 2011

Delaque Gang

This is My latest project for a Necromunda campaign down my local club.

The Gang is called The Pit Vipers (I stole that from Fallout).

The first game I lost pretty badly, it was the Gang Fight scenario against a mates Escher Gang. Turn One saw me scrabbling around trying to get to high ground and leaving myself out in the open, I kept half my Gang close to my Leader who then got shot to bits and everyone else dropped like flies, my Heavy Stubber broke and I learnt a thing or two about Shotgun ammo and the rest ran/crawled away.

I did however manage to fight off a charging Ganger and hideously scar someone else! (though gaining +1Ld did me no favours).

The outcome of the game for me was not good, my Leader died as did a Juve and lost my Slag Heap (OUTRAGE!), I did gain the ambush skill and +1T/+1W and it was a bloody good game!

Next up the Goliaths!

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