Sunday, 18 December 2011

Big Daddy

Fans of Bioshock will be glad to know they too can have there very own a (little) Big Daddy!

I just stumbled across a website (recreational conflict) that sells them in 35mm and 15mm. If you have never heard of Bioshock it is a series of first person video games set in the underwater city of Rapture, where scientists pretty much have free rein to do what they want in pursuit of there research and as a consequence go absolutely mental and become Plasmid junkies aka Splicers.
Plasmids give you super-human abilities and can actively change or affect the world around you, for example you may need to melt a wall of ice or pick something up using telekinesis.

In a nut shell Big Daddy’s are guardians to the Little Sisters who have a sea slug in them that contains "ADAM", a plasmid that altered its user's DNA and grant them super-human powers like telekinesis and the ability to shoot fire balls out of there hands.

All in all it’s a pretty messed up set of games that has made me feel very uneasy every step of the way and has a cracking storyline, you can also pick them up for a couple of quid now as well.

Depending how they scale up I may use them for Malifaux as a Desolation Engine or use them as Warjacks for my Searforge army.


  1. very nice are there any bigger pics?

  2. Pretty cool. I try to collect themed minis and I would love to get me one of these, but shipping to Canada is more than the cost of the mini.

    Anyhow, already got enough backlog to keep me busy for a while so, I'll just add it to my wishlist.

  3. These are fabulous. I'm hooked on the wargame pages, I love the work you guys do. But I get so angry that no women play these games. It's all malls and makeup. I don't know why they've forgotten how to have fun. I'm going to Amazon right now to look for this video game though. I want this.