Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Seasons greetings one and all! I knocked up this festive Malifaux scenario today, feel free to give it a go.
“There’s Soul Stones under that there tree…and that’s not just the eggnog talking!”

Set up
Place a tree (hanging or pine) in the centre of the table and place a hand full of counters around it, 5 or 6 should do.

A model in your Crew in base contact with a counter may (1) interact to pick it up. A model can drop the counter or pass it to another model in base contact as a (1) interact action.

A model drops the counter in base contact with itself it takes any other action other then Walk.

Your Wk is reduced to 4” while carrying a counter.

Sprits cannot move though other models/terrain and models lose Fly/Float while carrying a counter.

Models in base contact with a counter are able to open it with a (1) interaction.
Flip a card from your Fate Deck (you can not cheat this!)

Odd number = damage 2/3/3(explosion)
Even = Healing flip
Red Joker = 1 Soul Stone for your Crew.
Black Joker = nothing and the counter is removed from the table.

Victory Score 1VP for every counter in your deployment zone
Score +1VP for every open counter in your deployment zone.