Monday, 9 January 2012

Graveyard Part 4

Ok so I’m pretty much done with the graveyard (the statue doesn’t count as its going to be outside the gate, that’s my excuse anyway!) here is a pic of the gate.

I decided to leave the gate off as it was in the shape of (you guessed it) a massive skull! And that’s one skull to many (194 and counting).

I also picked up yet another Malifaux Crew on the weekend, this time it’s The Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits, there all undercoated so will be up shortly. In the meantime however I did notice some slight comparisons I would like to share with you.

That shit scary thing from Pans Labyrinth.
Mr Oogie Boogie

Stitched Together

A well loved Disney character.

Lord Chompy Bits.


  1. Looks good mate. Some good comparisons there. I need to get round to watching Pan's Labyrinth I have to be in the mood to watch films with subtitles though

  2. Love those Malifaux figures, great detail and must be a joy to paint....

  3. Cheers.

    Brummie- yeah I know what you mean, I use to love subtitled films, not I cant seem to find the time for them. it’s a good flick though.

    Angry- they really are, lots of character to them.