Tuesday, 6 March 2012


This guy floats around the battlefield scaring the pants off everyone and plucking out there eyeballs which he then uses to aid him in the game.

Coppelius has a rule that allows him to be used in a crew containing C. Hoffman (a Guild Master) called Unexplained Connection, well prepare to have your mind blown!

Coppelius is the antagonist in an old german horror story from 1816 about the Sandman. The old german Der Sandmann myth speaks of a monster that takes the eyes of children, which the protagonist Nathaniel ends up connecting with a lawyer called Coppelius, who seemingly always turns up when something horrible happens to Nathaniel. He ends up in a psychotic breakdown after seeing Coppelius in a crowd, and hurls himself off a building wailing "Pretty eyes! Pretty eyes!".

POW! The story was written by the author E.T.A. Hoffmann! well I thought this was pretty cool, sorry if your mind wasn’t blown as promised.

His skin was painted using blue with a green wash over the top (blue and green must never be seen or so the legend goes!) which breaks all the rules of painting (apparently), I like to think it gave him a sort of sea creature Cthulhu look, might just be the tentacles though.


  1. Nice miniature and the paint job is suitably creepy. Great story will investigate it further

  2. That is a fantastic looking miniature. So creepy.

  3. I like him and the back story....

  4. Cool backstory and that is one excellently painted creepy mini. I love it.

  5. He is TOTALLY Cthulhuesque! I think he's brilliant - 'specially liking the skintone.

    Nice blog btw!

  6. I'd heard that both Coppelius and Hoffman were characters from an old story, but didn't know the actual story behind them very interesting.

    And on the miniature, he's pretty good looking. I think the skintone has turned out well, so keep breaking those painting rules.