Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Ok so this is my latest paint job, its not finished yet as you can see.

For a bit of a comparison I have included a picture of a Care Bear. My sister use to love these goofy looking bastards but me being a boy never really saw the appeal (no sharp bits!)

The Malifaux Teddy is awesome in my opinion, it ticks all the right boxes for a horror game and is a great all round model with some beastly stats and abilities. Looking at the sculpt it seems they have fattened it out a bit as the first time I saw this model it seemed flat which made it look all wrong from the side.

I also saw Game Of Thrones series one on the weekend (wahhh did not see that coming!) and now I cant wait to see the second series, no idea when its out, might have to read the books. The problem with this though is that its made everything else I’ve seen recently seem a bit crap. Anyway that’s enough of my pointless ramblings…for now.


  1. Love the tebby and yes Game of Thrones is great!

  2. GoT series 2 is out here in the UK at the beginning of April.

    Nice Teddy btw.


  3. Lovely teddy, the second last episode was a kick in the teeth wasn't it, I'd recommend the books by the way!

  4. That is one cool looking bear!

  5. Nice looking teddy, surely it needs a big carebear rainbow though? And yes GoT is great, both the wife and I love it.