Saturday, 13 August 2011

Rebel Grot Mob

I have been working on a Rebel Grot Mob for the past few weeks (on and off) for an up coming campaign of Gorkamorka. The idea is that I am to spend as little money as possible and scratch build all of the vehicles, sounds like hard work but as long as you have the wheels and a few bits of bric-a-brac (must look that word up) your good to go. If you stick to the sprit of orky tek and stuff like that you cant go far wrong.
This is the Cutta.

I actually glued a chassis together from 1.5mm thick welding rod to start this one off, then planked bits of balsa wood and cut up blister packs to form the floor.

The mast is made from a bit of dowel I found kicking around and the sail is a bit of paper stained with a tea bag, I did use ink but it didn’t give the consistency I wanted. The crows nest is made from an upside down GW base with cut up plastic to make the spiky railing.

I figured it would probably need breaks. I was going to make an anchor but turns out they are really hard to make.

Mob pics (sneek peek)

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