Friday 4 May 2012

Arkham horror

Last night I had my first game of Arkham horror, it was good fun and we all lost terribly! it’s a coop game so its all or nothing and you cant die (you go hospital or the nut house if you die/run out of sanity)

We ended up trying to stop Azarath (I think) from destroying the world, but before we got that far we some how opened up 5 portals which looses the game, we had a few scraps with cultists and weird monsters that popped up from time to time and sacrificed a dog in order to gain extra equipment all the while going in and out of other dimensions! (kooky or what!?)

Everyone seemed to have a good time and some of the Event cards gave us all a good giggle. The game flowed surprisingly well even though we had 7 players and wasn’t boring at all! I find I zone out a bit when playing board games.

Any who I would recommend this game to all Lovecraft fans.

Sunday 29 April 2012

The Wicker Man

Last night I saw The Wicker Man (original) for the first time, its quite good I would recommend it to anyone who likes creepy films, just don’t expect it to be full of scares its more strange things happening then a gore/fright fest.

How ever I did stumble across this and it made me chuckle, so enjoy.

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Strange Aeons Maniac

Turns out I had just the model I needed to use as a Maniac for Strange Aeons. I love the idea of this guy running around the woods trying to hack up the Threshold Agents and might have to do it as a very small intro game.


The paint job is very old so show mercy with the comments, I got him in a box of zombies a few years ago from RAFM (think that’s what they were called).

Now the question is shall I repaint it? The base is getting tarted up a ether way.

Monday 23 April 2012


I picked up the Strange Aeons rule book at the weekend as well as these Artizan cultists.

This is mostly a much needed kick up the arse as I plan on playing a game of Strange Aeons soon and posting up a battle report here on the blog.

So until then if you need some eldritch horror here’s Call Of Cthulhu on audio book.

Salute, spoils and never drinking again.

So we all got in to London at about half sevenish on Friday night sat down in The Fox (I think) for something to eat, started on the beer…and then it got a bit fuzzy. A great night and a shity morning. We got back to the hotel room at about half two and I was up at just gone five with that lovely ‘oww I dodged a hangover’ feeling, sat down for breakfast and then I hit me, I was still a bit pissed and ready to blow.
Meany manic hangover cures later and we shuffled over to Salute, it was quite clear we were not signing up for the marathon.

Got in before the show opened and had a quick walk around and picked up the 7TV rule book for a mate of mine and had a chat with the guys at Crooked Dice then straight over to Black Hat to scoop up Strange Aeons (looks amazing, more stuff up about it soon!) and had a fragile sit down (I was still feeling a bit rough) then the show opened up, josh and I ran some demos and chatted to fellow gamers, occasionally you get a few people that like to get narky but this at this show everyone we talked to were straight up down to earth folk so that was cool.


The day went on, the hangover left and I bumped in to an old mate of mine (who had been up all night on some kind of hallucinogenic cacti) and I picked up some stuff I liked the look of, EDEN starter set/books/limited edition Malifaux and such like (I got Hive of the Dead signed!) .

All in all a bloody good weekend out in London playing with miniatures, drinking and seeing friends.

Friday 20 April 2012


I thought I would join in on the ‘what to buy at Salute’ shenanigans, so here it is!

EDEN Jokers starter set.

Strange Aeons (been after it for about as long as Cthulhu’s been napping!)

Relics (looks fun but I know no one will play it!)

7tv rule book for Chris (DO NOT FORGET!!!)

And it wouldn’t be Salute if I didn’t walk a way with buyers remorse so possibly some random stuff from the bring and buy.

As I have said before I am running demos all day next to the Simple Miniature Games stall so pop over and say hi (I’m the one with the scraggly beard)

Saturday 7 April 2012


This is the game myself and Josh (sorry for the name drop) will be running demos for at Salute this year on behalf of Simple Miniature Games, looking over the rule book it seems to have a heck of a lot going for it! For example (if you had enough Action Points) you could run along a wall from balcony to balcony leaping down on your foe and then attack them from behind or if you were fighting in water you could attempt to drown your foe! These are just a few things you can do that I thought were pretty cool and stood out from the norm. There is a lot of possibility in this game and the range of things you can do reminds me of the freedom you can get from a RPG.

The setting for this game is Venice 1795, but this time around with a magical cataclysm that tore the sky a new one (The Rent In The Sky) and as a result magic flows through the streets and canals so you know there’s going to be all kinds of strange things happening (fishmen cults/nobles going out for an evening of murderous fun/the nut house getting over run).

The game also has a campaign system as well as character progression, you can even (if you really want to) buy random events which may or may not go in your favour, and if that doesn’t work you can always throw a syphilitic Noble at them!

So if your about at Salute pop over and say hi and maybe get in a game.

Here’s some pics of my Rashaar, note the Hybrid taking a squat in the street, sexy stuff indeed!