Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Strange Aeons Maniac

Turns out I had just the model I needed to use as a Maniac for Strange Aeons. I love the idea of this guy running around the woods trying to hack up the Threshold Agents and might have to do it as a very small intro game.


The paint job is very old so show mercy with the comments, I got him in a box of zombies a few years ago from RAFM (think that’s what they were called).

Now the question is shall I repaint it? The base is getting tarted up a ether way.


  1. I think he looks fine as he is Henry!

  2. He looks great. He may be a maniac but I could see him as a heroic survivor in other scenarios.

  3. Thanks guys.

    Good point Adam, might have to do that when he has a few insanity points behind him.

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