Sunday, 26 June 2011

Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

The answer for me would be yes, but I am sat on the statue of liberty’s head not doing much.

This is a book I picked up form Forbidden Planet yesterday (RRP £8.99) and it has the age old question “what would you do in a Zombie outbreak?” I have had this conversation with an old mate of mine for ages now and its nice to see a book out covering just that.

It is however a game book and runs on a sort of Fighting Fantasy (“turn to page 402 to see if you have been eaten by a horde of the living dead”) system.

One thing it doesn’t have is the dice bit, growing up on these book I would always cheat on this bit anyway, so no love lost there. This dose mean that you have to think a bit more on how to arm yourself, sure the fire axe is sharp and makes for a good tool but can you use it down a tight ally? Its choices like this that would determine the outcome of the book.

It has over 100 paths and 50 endings to choose from and really is quite good fun.

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