Monday, 23 May 2011


I picked up a copy of the 7TV rulebook at Salute and I must say I am quite impressed. After a flick through the rulebook I knew what kind of Show I wanted to run, mostly because of the Evil Geniuses set from Copplestone castings.

 In a nut shell its going to be evil 1970’s henchmen types have resurrected Hitler’s brain and are holding the world to ransom with a death ray! ‘who can save us?’ I hear you cry, why three British (not so) Flamboyant agents of course !

Some henchmen to beat up

and the Evil Mastermind Hitler3000
I still have a Lair to make and a few more villains to paint (pics soon). This game looks like alot of fun and offers loads in the way of customisation, just wish i had picked up a set of Femdroids (complete with machine gun nockers).

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  1. So Henry when are we going to see the lair then?
    And what is the fiendish plan! ..... I need to get painting soon! Damb you! Oh and cool looking figures:-)
    Where did you get the henchmen from?
    Oh and you may want to turn the dates on so we know when you have done an update:-)