Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Predator...I mean "Hurn"

I picked up this little beauty early on in the year (Salute I think) and only just got round to painting him. Im planning on using it in a game of 7TV with this profile.

Character: Predator
Archetype: Otherworldly Invader
Star Rating: 96

Move: 6 Def: 5 Hits: 3 Str: 5 Agi: 4 Int: 4 Mor: 5

Special Effects: Alien, Luck(4), Invisible, Honour Bound, Signature Weapon(Wrist Claws), Body Armour, Snap Shot

Disadvantages: Loner, Most Wanted


Brawl Basic Melee 4+ User Stuns
Wrist Claws Basic Melee 3+ User Signature Weapon
Plasma Caster ( Alien Pistol) Advanced 16" 4+ 4 High Tech, Laser, Pistol

All I need now is a hand full of marines to pick off one by one.


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