Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Sinister Mystic

This is a Sinister Mystic for one of my 7TV lists, its bases around Lo-Pan form Big Trouble In Little China.

The miniature is from Black Cat Bases and in all honesty was a lucky find, it was exactly what I was looking and priced at £2.50 a complete steal (imo). There are a few companies that do similar stuff but wasn’t quite there in the looks department or had to be shipped over from the U.S.

I also needed some Ninjas to go with it.

I went for Perry Miniatures as these are arguably the best on the market, you get 6 in a pack (one of them is crawling and didn’t look right next to the rest of them) and all for a fiver.

 The mould lines/flash was a bit of a bugger and I undercoated the lot with out checking them over properly, all in all though I am quite happy with how they came out.

Ninjas are a bit of a weird one to buy (I did think about making my own) as the scales are all over the place or the quality is a bit poor, with that said I couldn’t do better so I will shut up now.

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