Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bete Noire

One of my favourite Malifaux miniatures in the game, at 9ss and 4 wounds I initially thought this model was proper crap but after giving the card a good read I soon found out that this is in fact a very tactical model to have (WARNING I play quite crudely).

Its not placed on the table like most other models but pops up when something dies (Drawn to Death) then (personally) I would use Depraved Tactics (groin strike) then Flurry to put the boot in a bit, oh she also has Slow to Die and as long as you use One With The Night you can Bury/fully heal her and do the same next time something dies! Just make sure you keep a 10 back in your control hand just in case.


  1. I like this. The bit about her popping up only when something dies makes it a great piece.

  2. Cheers, good fun when something crap dies aswell!