Saturday, 18 February 2012

Barn…complete with door!

This is my latest project, a barn. I will be using this for Legends Of The Old West and other games that might have a barn in them.

Its made entirely from hand me down stuff (ask and blag! ask and blag!) and rubbish. It has a foam core inner and coffee stirrers glued to the outside (cheers mum!) with a Jaffa cake box for the roof.

The doors were made out of off cuts from the stirrers and the roof was cut in to strips and scored to look a bit like tiles.

This will probably get sat on before I get round to painting it, but if it doesn’t keep your eyes peeled for part 2.

Up next how to build an outhouse!


  1. That just looks excellent. Might have to have a go at doing one of these for my zombie games :D

  2. Thanks a lot, I must admit Hershel's farm did pop to mind when I was making it.

    There easy enough to make and versatile enough to get used often, just make sure you don’t glue loads of sticks to yourself!

  3. Nice job on this barn. Barns are a great, useful bit of scenery and yours is excellent.