Monday, 20 February 2012

Apache Tribe

This is my latest mob for Legends Of The Old West, I just finished writing up my list where I can have all but one of these in my posse if I take a Di Yin (shaman) which will allow me to hide in plain sight, very useful in a fire fight! The other guy I’ll buy back when I have enough money for him.

We played loads of this in a massive campaign last year, my posse did terrible as they failed every test that required them to jump/climb/hop on one foot, but it was a lot of fun. If you see the rule book about be sure to pick it up, I brought mine from the Black Scorpion guys at Salute a few years ago (and Cutlass last year, maybe I will play it next year if I follow the trend, perhaps I have an OCD! bollocks what was I going on about!?) anyhow long story short it’s a lot of fun…did I say that already?

The miniatures are from Artizan if anyone’s interested.


  1. I like those. Like Apache in general, and you did some great paintjobs.

  2. Very nice paintjobs. I was gonna get some Apache to use as tribals for my post apoc setting