Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I have been looking at the Mantic stuff for ages now but never really got around to buying any of there stuff so last night I got hold of a copy of Warpath ‘Fate Of The Forgestar‘, popped the box open to find it full to the brim with plastic frames. After a sceptical look over them I have come to the conclusion that the Forge Fathers (Squats to all the wargamers of yester year, no offence) look very nice and despite not having a lot on the frame provide a lot of variety (bearded heads and so on).

Look everyone! Squats!

The Marauders (Space Orks) on the other hand are not much to shout about, I think this is because I have a certain snobbery on what an ork should look like (I sound like a right dick now!) the heads seem a bit wrong and the arms are more in proportion then most stuff from GW, also they have strange looking pebbles on some of the bases…now on to the bases, I have no idea what to make of these until I have painted them up and based them with sand but they are circular inserts on the foot of the model that is then glued into a much larger (chunky just like a Kitkat) outer bit, again I don’t know if this is just down to what I am use to and I am being a snob.

You do get quite a bit of resin stuff in the box as well, all of this looks great and will definitely make it on here when I get it glued together, so more on that later.

I quickly scanned the rules and they seem solid enough, easy to learn and fast paced, best on all you can download it for free on there website.



  1. Looking forward to seeing some painted especially the forge fathers.....

  2. I know what you mean about being a snob don't worry about it we all seem to have certain expectations when it comes to miniatures.

    I'm seriously considering getting 'Project Pandora' as something to do as a side project.

    Will look forward to seeing what you do with these

  3. Sounds interesting. Looking forward to seeing more.